Mar 10

What So Special About Inversion Table?

  1. Ancient Wisdom
  2. Health Benefits
  3. DosaConvenient
  4. Economic
  5. Painless
  6. In Conclusion

Inversion tables have become quite popular today. And it is not only the fitness enthusiast, but also the middle aged who are increasingly resorting to the inversion table to deal with a host of fitness issues. So what is so special about the inversion therapy table that top models, writers and other celebrities swear by it?

Ancient Wisdom:

The inversion therapy is not new. It had been in use since time immemorial. The Romans and the Greeks had reportedly been using the Inversion Therapy, not only for the purpose of torture, but also for healing. Similarly, the Indians too were aware of the therapeutic benefits of inversion. The ancient Indian fitness regime of Yoga utilizes inversion or elevated positioning for leveraging maximum health benefits and for boosting the energy levels. Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine reportedly hung his patients from a ladder for the purpose of curing backaches and headaches.

The modern inversion table is a far cry from the ladder used by Hippocrates, but its purpose remains the same to provide relief from pain, to discipline the body and in the process improve the quality of life.

Health Benefits:

special-inversion-tableThe health benefits offered by the inversion table are innumerous. It is a sure shot cure for disorders of the spine, back pain, stiff neck, etc. Middle aged people, in particular, stand to benefit a lot by installing an inversion table. Inversion tables work best for them. It not only provides relief from pain – back pain in particular, but works on the muscles, improves blood circulation, energizes and refreshes the body and overall imparts an optimistic outlook. This apart, inversion therapy also elongates and rehydrates the spine. It corrects the anomalies with regards to the curvature of the spine.

Most of the modern inversion tables such as Stamina or Teether have features that not only eliminate the chances of spinal injury but provide the appropriate balance and support required to complete the inversion comfortably. The ankle straps and safety tether straps mitigate the risk of falling off. Simple hand movements adjust the rotation. In the high end versions, a motor controls the rotation. Evidently features such as these make the inversion table a more lucrative option than the gravity boots, which involves hanging upside down without any possible means of support.


Inversion tables are the most convenient means for doing an inversion therapy. It is safe and undeniably comfortable. All exercises can be performed lying down on a comfortable back rest with is tilted as per the requirement and comfort levels.

Canadian Health&Care Mall considers inversion table as the best option available for those whose bodies are neither strong nor flexible/supple. Gravity boots involve full inversion, but with the inversion table, it is possible to gain similar benefits with even a shallow inversion of say 15 to 30 degrees. Complete 90 degree inversion can be achieved when you are absolutely sure.


The inversion table is the most economic and affordable cure for back pain. Medicines are generally ineffective against back pain. These at the best provide temporary succor. Acupuncture and other miracle cures fail to substantiate its tall claims. Chiropathy works but each session with the chiropractor is bound to make a hole in your finances. Evidently the best alternative is inversion tables.


The axiom no pain no gain doesn’t work for the inversion table. Inversion table not only saves you the nightmares of having to undergo a surgery for back pain relief, but is also the most painless way of staying fit. The inversion table is not meant for the middle aged only; even the fitness enthusiast can work out on the inversion table to perk up his fitness.

Years of bad posturing and sedentary lifestyle sitting hunched in front of the television or the computer wreak havoc on the spine. Back pain, stiff neck, sciatica, etc., are the consequences of stress, lack of exercise and the pent up tensions. While it is impossible to completely cure the degeneration of the spine, it is possible to still possible to lead a normal life without going under the knife. It takes only five to 10 minutes of inversion every day to get relief from pain, stress and fatigue.

In Conclusion

The inversion table is indeed special for all those who have been spared the nightmares of having to undergo a surgery for bad back. Indeed there are many success stories of people who have recovered from the most crippling of back pains and have gone back to normal life thanks to the inversion table.