Aug 21

Second Market of Medical Equipment in US and Europe

Second Market of Medical Equipment in US and EuropeThere has appeared a tendency to fill the market with samples of used medical equipment from Europe, the USA, Japan and other countries. This equipment, the age of which is up to 10 years, which still has a sufficient resource of work, attracts both quality and price. Firms supplying such equipment, as a rule, carry out all the necessary complex of works for its operation – commissioning, service and warranty maintenance, supply of spare parts and repairs.

Used equipment accounts for approximately 30% of all medical device sales in the US, 20% in Europe. Prices for such equipment are usually two to three times lower than for new ones. Accordingly, there are more and more people who want to equip their clinic (private or public) with modern equipment from leading world manufacturers, and even at the lowest cost.

Loans on medical equipment

Tennessee cash advance for medical equipment is a short-term or medium-term loan for the purchase of new and used equipment in order to develop production and current activities of the medical facility.

Equipment purchased on a loan must be used by the buyer independently, without the right to transfer it into possession or use to other persons under lease, leasing agreements, etc.

It is obligatory to finance a part of the project at the expense of the Client’s own funds.

Benefits of cash advance

  • Flexible form of financing with the establishment of an individual debt repayment schedule;
  • Pledging equipment that is purchased using credit funds.

Product terms:

  • Maximum loan amount – $2,500;
  • Lending currency – US dollar;
  • Reasonable interest rates.

The interest rate is set by the authorized bodies of the lender and is reflected in the agreement. The change in the interest rate under existing contracts is carried out by agreement of the parties by concluding an additional agreement to the contract.

Procedure and terms of issuance

Cash advance is taken out in accordance with its intended purpose, by transferring funds to the client’s current account.
The loan is provided on term that the client submits the appropriate package of documents, ensures the fulfillment of obligations, confirms the sufficient financial state of the client, the possibility of financing in accordance with the current US legislation, subject to the conclusion of a loan agreement.

Where does used medical equipment come from?

In Europe and the USA, medical equipment is sold directly from clinics, and from specialized auctions, and by intermediaries who buy up the most interesting offers and then resell them to other countries.

In addition, in a number of countries, large manufacturing firms have service centers where equipment returned, for example, through the leasing system, undergoes a complete restoration (replacement of used blocks and parts, cosmetic repairs). Such equipment is also in increasing demand in many countries. There is also a category of demo samples – this is equipment from exhibitions, from unsold lots of previous years, etc., this group is united by the lack of application of technology in clinical practice.