Inversion Table Buying Guide

Inversion therapy has provided relief to thousands of back pain patients all over the world. This therapy is completely noninvasive and drug free. All you need is an inversion table, clear space and a few minutes every day. The equipment needed is easily available in the market and can be installed by you at home. The inversion table works by hanging you upside down and allowing the force of gravity to decompress your spine. Once the spine is decompressed, the space between them increases, elongating the vertebral column and making you look taller. Besides improving the posture, it improves blood circulation, treats fatigues and provides relief from back pain. It can be used by beginners, athletes and people of all ages.

Since you would be hanging upside down, there are several factors that should be taken into consideration like your height and weight. If you made a spur of the moment purchase, you will come to regret it later. It is advisable to do a bit of reading about this matter before you start looking for an inversion table. The market is swamped with a number of inversion therapy tables, some of them offering wild and extravagant benefits to the user. It is important to understand what an inversion table can and cannot do to save you from being conned.

Some of The Factors That Could Affect Your Purchase Decision When  Buying Inversion Table:

What is the Best Inversion Table to Buy? That is a very good and reasonable question for all people who want to own a good inversion table. Let’s take a look at the important considerations in this Inversion Table Buying Guide prepared by me.

  • Inversion Table Buying GuidePrice

The saying “what you pay, is what you get”, holds very true for inversion tables. The cheaper inversion tables are made from tubular fittings, unlike their costlier counterparts that use only the best material available. A good indication of quality is the weight of the inversion table. Cheaper inversion tables will be lighter, which will make them easier to move, but at the cost of safety.

  • Weight & Height

Choose carefully, if you are on the heavier side or taller than average. Most inversion tables have user weight and height limitations. Read the instruction manual well before buying the inversion table. If you do not make the correct choice, you will be endangering your life and limb. For example, if your weight is 300lbs and you are using an inversion table with a user weight limitation of 275lbs, you will be putting pressure on the equipment, which may collapse, causing serious injury. Similarly, do not use the machine if you are taller than the recommended height.

  • Certifications

Certifications are very useful to separate the wheat from the chaff. The UL (Underwriters Laboratories) is the highest certification in this field. UL is an independent, not for profit agency and their certifications are considered to be a reliable indicator of the equipment. When it comes to inversion tables, look for UL 2601-1 and UL 1647 certifications.

  • Space

You will need space to use this equipment. Inversion tables can be tilted at any angle. Ideally, there should be sufficient space for the equipment to move freely. Your height is a good indicator. The space around the machine should be “your height + 2 feet”. The flooring should also be adequate. If the floor is not level and hard, the machine may start rocking and throw you off balance when you are exercising on it. For the same reason, it is important to use the machine on a dry surface.

  • Safety

There should be no compromises when it comes to safety. You will be upside down during the duration of the exercise, and your head will bear the full impact of the fall if you slip. The frame should be strong enough to bear the full brunt of your weight. The strap holding on to your ankle should be strong enough to bear the weight of your entire body when you are upside down.

  • Comfort

Since you will be upside down, you could certainly use some comfort. Foam handle bars, padded backrest, and 5-8 inch gravity boots increases the comfort level substantially while you lie on the inversion table. You should be in a relaxed state of mind while you are using this table because stress will invariably lead to muscle cramps. Some inversion therapy tables even allow you to lie upside down while the masseur works on your back. Comfort is essential, but you have to remember that you will be using this equipment for a few minutes at the most.

  • Manufacturer’s Reputation

There are a number of companies offering inversion therapy tables in the market. It is important to distinguish companies that provide reliable product from those who are here to make a quick buck. A company that has several years of marketing inversion therapy equipment will be better positioned to offer quality products compared to a newbie with no experience in this field. Since it is your head that is on the line, it would be great if you’d go for a manufacturer that knows what they are doing.

  • Warranty

Ideally a reputable company should offer a five-years warranty on the inversion table. If the product is durable, it will probably last longer than the five years on the warranty. If the parts are made from high quality material, it will not be susceptible to wear and tear. Cheaper products, made from low quality material, will not even last a year.

  • Support

Inversion therapy equipment is subjected to a lot of wear and tear during its lifetime. This makes it susceptible to damages. You may need spare parts and replacements from your supplier. Consumer support is the only way you can contact your supplier. If your supplier has a good customer support in place, you will get replacements in no time; otherwise you will have to wait for many days, while your equipment gathers dust.

Bottom Line

Inversion therapy is a reliable and affordable way to get relief from back pain. It provides other benefits like improved blood circulation, lymphatic drainage, increased flexibility and mobility. Buying the right inversion table is very important because your safety is on the line. While buying choose with care, and buy the inversion table that is safe and reliable!

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