Mar 01

The Importance of Getting A High Quality Inversion Table

  1. Provided Below are 5 Reasons Why You Should Opt Only for a Top Quality Inversion Table

  2. Conclusion

In order to get the maximum possible benefits from the inversion therapy without risking injury it is necessary to invest in high quality Inversion tables. Generally inversion tables come in the range of $100 to $600 and more. However, considering the potential health benefits it is better not to be intimidated by the price. After all a good quality inversion table will save you expensive chiropractor’s fees and more. The premium quality inversion tables usually cost somewhere between $300 to $400 are good to begin with. These come with a host of features that allow for modification of speed of rotation along with different levels of durability.High-Quality-Inversion-Table

Provided Below are 5 Reasons Why You Should Opt Only for a Top Quality Inversion Table

Manufacturer’s Warranty:

One of the advantages of buying a high quality inversion table is that it comes with a manufacturer’s warranty. Good quality, carbon steel frame inversion tables, however, have at least a year’s warranty on parts. The warranty, however, is applicable only if the terms and conditions provided in the manual have been followed.


If you want to invest in a fitness instrument that can give you lifelong benefits it is better not to give undue or prime consideration to price. The first consideration should be the kind of the frame. All good quality inversion table frames are made of carbon steel. Carbon steel frames are sturdier and durable than ordinary frames. Better quality inversion tables invariably use carbon steel frames.

Sound Ergonomics:

Good quality inversion tables have sound ergonomics. That implies relative ease in controlling traction while working out on the inversion table. The really high end inversion tables that could cost somewhere around 1000$ are rotated by a motor, which is in turn operated by the user. But then you can easily settle for the manual rotated inversion table provided it has the right ergonomics such as long ankle locking bars, cushioned ankle clamps, etc., for example, the Teeter EP-550, Hang Ups F5000 among others. Teeter has been in the market for long and is regarded as one of the best when it comes to inversion.

Features such as the extra long ankle locking bars give a definite advantage to the user. These eliminate the need to bend over for securing ankles, a needless bother indeed in case you already suffer from back pain. Similarly, the cushioned ankle straps ease the pressure as you invert from your ankle.

Sound ergonomics also imply that you receive the full benefits of an inversion therapy minus any discomfit or pain. Sound ergonomics also offers you peace of mind. And that is absolutely necessary After all unnecessary distraction would be the last thing on your mind while hanging upside down.


When it comes to health and fitness equipment, safety comes first. It is a fundamental rule never compromise with your safety even if it means having to pay a couple of hundred dollars more. Safety becomes all the more important when it comes to choosing the inversion table. After all, you would be hanging upside down for a couple of minutes or more via an ankle strap. Imagine what would happen if it breaks, or if the table gives away?? High end inversion tables not only ensure safety but are exceedingly stable. Made only from the best quality carbon steel, these ensure that you have no fear of falling off.

These also come with features such as the safety tether strap that allows you to control your traction. However, Canadian Health&Care Mall reminds, while exercising it is necessary to ensure that the ankle straps/clamps are firmly secured, and the tether straps are in place to minimize changes of mishap.

Health Benefits:

A good quality inversion table is a motivating factor. You are bound to be more earnest with your inversion therapy routine when you have no fear of “falling off”. A safe and comfortable inversion table is capable of promoting spinal health, improving posture, alleviating stress and in the process giving a new lease of life to the user.


Inversion tables have undoubtedly become hugely popular among the young and the middle aged alike considering the tremendous health benefits. All the major fitness equipment manufacturers are manufacturing inversion therapy tables. These not only reduce pain but can improve your complexion and are also being used by celebrities all over the world for fitness reasons. A good quality inversion therapy table can make a huge difference to your life; a bad quality invariably ends up in the junkyard after a couple of months.