Jun 21

Inversion Table Reviews: Health Mark Pro Max Inversion Therapy Table


Back pain is the bane of modern living. If you are
unfortunate enough to suffer from it, then you know how it feels. The pain nags you throughout the day. It comes
back doubly strong when you think that you have finally got rid of it. Back pain can strike you at any time. It
does not come with any warning. It hits you when you least expect it.

Sometimes, the pain is so unbearable that you are even willing to go under the knife
to get rid of it. Here comes the good news. Medical research has shown that a few minutes on the inversion table is sufficient to provide immediate relief from back pain.

What Is this Health Mark Pro Max Inversion Therapy Table?

The Health Mark Pro Max Inversion Table decompresses the
vertebrate, releasing the compressed disc in between and freeing the nerve endings. The vertebrate loses shape
over a period of time. Ideally it should be ram rod straight. However, due to poor posture and long hours of
sitting it gets realigned. This realignment happens due to underdeveloped muscles of the stomach.

Due to long hours of sitting the muscles of the stomach become tight whereas those
of the back remain loose. Due to this mismatched development of the muscles, most of the strain is transferred
to the vertebrate.

The HealthMark inversion therapy table reverses the process by decompressing the
vertebrate. This is done by traction. By hanging upside down most of the weight of the body is put on the
vertebrate. When more than 60% of the body weight is exerted on the vertebrates it gets extended or
decompressed. This releases the discs trapped between the vertebrates.

Who Can Use This Health Mark Inversion Table?

The Health Mark inversion table can be used by anybody with a chronic back
problem. It has other uses too. For example, you can use if for relaxation purposes after
a busy day at the office. The inversion therapy table will help you distress and relax by massaging your body.
It can be used by anybody. The maximum user weight is 600lbs.

Since it changes the flow of blood, albeit for a few minutes only, it is advisable
to consult a doctor before using it. If suffer from glaucoma, conjunctivitis or any other eye condition you
should not use inversion therapy. People who are suffering from a heart condition, liver or kidney impairment,
blood pressure should also not be using this equipment.

What Makes The Health Mark Pro Max Inversion Table Different?

The Health Mark Pro Max Inversion Therapy Table offers both the face up position and
face down position to the user. The face down position is ideal if you want a massage. The head rest is designed
in such a manner which provides complete rest whatever position you choose. The six preset position
automatically takes you to your favored position without the need for any manual maneuvering. This machine was
designed for use in therapy centers, but is now available for home use.

How Do I Install?

The Health Mark Pro Max inversion table is easy to use and install. It
takes a pro 90 minutes to install it. For first timers, it would take about 2-3 hours at the most. Get an
assistant; it would make your task easier. There are certain dos and don’ts that you should keep in mind. Some
of them are given below –

  • Keep children away from the machine when in operation
  • Keep the machine on a hard level surface
  • Make an inventory before assembling
  • Replace damaged or frayed parts
  • Keep ample space around the machine
  • Tighten screws and bolts tightly during installation.

The installation is easy. The directions are given in detail in the assembly

Is It Easy to Use?

Yes! the Health Mark Pro Max inversion table is very easy to use.
The directions are given clearly in the user’s manual. Read all the directions before using the inversion table.
The inversion therapy circulates blood in the normal face up position as well as the face down position. The six
presets will do all the work for you while you can just lie back and relax.

All positions will help you distress, relieve back pain and improve your posture. It
allows you to decompress you vertebrate without causing you any great discomfort.

Safety Tips

There are certain basic safety tips that you must keep in
mind while using this inversion table. Here are some of them:

  • The inversion table should be kept on a hard, level surface
  • The bolts and harness should be in place before use
  • Children should be kept away
  • Wear tight gym clothes and good shoes
  • Don’t wear loose clothes
  • Stop using the machine the minute you feel dizzy or uncomfortable

Be aware of all the risks before you start using this machine. If you don’t
understand anything ask the customer care representative.


  • Inversion therapy table designed to help simulate blood flow
  • Relaxes back, decompresses spine and improves posture
  • Works in traditional “face-up” or inverted “face-down” position

Technical Specs

  • 5 preset angles
  • 25 total height settings;
  • Supports up to 600 pounds
  • 1-year warranty

Is This a Good Buy?

This Health Mark Pro Max inversion table is a fabulous piece of equipment. It
does not cost much, but it delivers a mighty punch. For under $1,000, you get exercise equipment that
doubles up as a massage and therapy table, as well. What more do you need?

The biggest problem with this equipment is that it does not fold which is a minor
disadvantage if you are short of space. Since it is a very small equipment, it should not cause any problem when
it comes to storage. Other than this, the HealthMark inversion table offers is a wonderful piece of equipment
and the designers should be congratulated on coming up with such a good idea.

Who Should Buy The Health Mark Pro Max Inversion Table?

This is a wonderful piece of equipment if you are looking for –

  • The highest standards of craftsmanship
  • Ease of use and top class performance
  • Massage therapy equipment
  • Reliable back pain relieving equipment


Considering the pros and cons, the Health Mark Pro Max Inversion
offers a lot of value to customers. It can be used as a massage and therapy table. It is
affordable, yet is by no means common place. It decompresses the vertebrate and relieves back pain. You can use
it as massage table as well as decompression equipment. It provides great value of money and benefit for a
layman as well as an avid practitioner.