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Apr 16

5 Unique Things You Can Do With Your Inversion Table

Five Unique Things That You Can Do with Your Inversion Table Use the inversion table as beauty portion Use the inversion table to sharpen your mental faculties Use inversion therapy table for beating the blues Use inversion therapy table for stress relief Having fun In A Nutshell If you thought the inversion therapy table was only meant for those suffering from back pain , you couldn’t be further from the truth. Undoubtedly the inversion therapy table is primarily used for relieving back pain , and it does a good job too, with 33% percent success in just 8 sessions. But it can be used for other purposes as well such as improving the complexion. Surprised! If yes, …

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Apr 09

Inversion Table Benefits

How Does The Inversion Table Work? Benefits of Inversion Table Provides Relief from Back Pain Lymphatic Drainage Treats Fatigue Improves Posture Improves Movement Improves Cognitive Thinking Conclusion Inversion therapy became popular in the 1980’s. People in the 80’s, having more access to medical information, were more open to newer methods of treating back pain , including Inversion therapy. Inversion therapy has a long history, dating way back to 400BC when Hippocrates, used a ladder to treat a patient suffering from back pain. Inversion therapy got a …

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Mar 26

Inversion Table vs Pilates Reformer

Inversion Table Pros and Cons of Inversion Table Pros Cons Pilates Reformer Pros and Cons of Pilates Reformer Pros Cons Difference between Inversion Therapy and Pilates Reformer Conclusion According to the American Chiropractor Association more than 31 million Americans suffer from back pain . Every year, Americans spend more than 50 billion dollars on treatment. This does not even factor in the countless man hours lost in medical leaves, the financial implications of which could run into millions of dollars. Back pain arises due to …

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Mar 17

Safety Tips for Using The Inversion Table

A good quality inversion table made from carbon steel is an excellent piece of fitness equipment. It is ideal fitness equipment for middle aged men and women. Even the young stand to gain a lot in terms of fitness by incorporating inversion therapy in their fitness routine. Inversion therapy table not only relieves neck and back pain but also makes you …

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Mar 15

Relieve Your Back Pain Problem with Inversion Table

According to Canadian Heath&Care Mall statistics, eight out of every ten adult is bound to suffer from some or the other form of back pain in his life time. Back pain is the most common complaint after the cold, that doctors are faced with. Severe, mild or chronic and recurrent, back pain makes life miserable. The worst …

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Mar 10

What So Special About Inversion Table?

Ancient Wisdom Health Benefits DosaConvenient Economic Painless In Conclusion Inversion tables have become quite popular today. And it is not only the fitness enthusiast, but also the middle aged who are increasingly resorting to the inversion table to deal with a host of fitness issues. So what is so special about the inversion therapy table that top models, writers and other celebrities swear by it? Ancient Wisdom: The inversion therapy is not new. It had been in use since time immemorial. The Romans and …

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Mar 01

The Importance of Getting A High Quality Inversion Table

Provided Below are 5 Reasons Why You Should Opt Only for a Top Quality Inversion Table Manufacturer’s Warranty Durable Sound Ergonomics Safe Health Benefits Conclusion In order to get the maximum possible benefits from the inversion therapy without risking injury it is necessary to invest in high quality Inversion tables . Generally inversion tables come in the range of $100 to $600 and more. However, considering the potential health benefits it is better not to be intimidated by the price. After all a good …

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Feb 22

What Makes Inversion Table A Great Gift For Middle Age Men and Women?

The body steadily loses its power to form new tissues, to add on to muscle mass by the time it reaches the thirties. The problem becomes more pronounced with the onset of middle age. There is a steady depletion of bone and muscle mass. This leads to a host of problems among the middle aged …

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Dec 13

Inversion Table Reviews: Body Max Gravity Inversion System with Pads

Inversion therapy is known to provide relief from back pain. This method was first used in 400BC when Hippocrates, the great Greek doctor, use it on a patient suffering from back pain. Hippocrates is believed to have used a ladder for this purpose. The modern usage of inversion therapy dates back to 1970’s and 1980’s. …

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Aug 15

Inversion Table Maintenance Guide

The use of inversion therapy as a treatment for back pain dates back to 400BC when Hippocrates is said to have used a ladder to treat a back pain patient. The therapy uses lumbar traction to realign the compressed vertebral column. The realigned vertebra column frees the compressed discs and nerve endings allowing it to move about freely. This inversion therapy is used …

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