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Feb 15

What Are The Common Causes of Back Pain?

Contents 1 Common Causes of Back Pain: 1.1 Natural Degeneration of the Bone 1.2 Poor Posture 1.3 Loss of Lubrication 1.4 Inflammation of the Spine 1.5 Accidents or Back Injuries 2 How to Relieve Back Pain? 2.1 Calcium Supplements and Exercise 2.2 Make Lifestyle Changes 2.3 Inversion Therapy 3 Summary It is difficult to pinpoint a single causative factor for back pain. However, what seems to be the most likely culprit for back pain is the modern lifestyle. Every eight out of ten adults is bound to suffer from some or the other form of back pain in his or her lifetime. 21st century …

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Mar 14

How and Why Inversion Table Can Help to Relief Back Pain?

Back pain was once considered to be a serious health issue among the elderly only; after all the bone naturally degenerates with age. But this axiom no longer happens to hold true. Post the information revolution, even the young and the middle aged suffer from back and neck pains. Age is no longer a bar for back …

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