May 30

Inversion Table Reviews: Body Champ IT8070 Inversion Therapy Table


Back pain is related to poor posture. If the way you stand, walk or sit is incorrect, you may end up with a bad back.

The vertebrate column, especially the lower lumbar region, The L4/L5 vertebra and the L5/S1 vertebra, bears most of the brunt. Most of the commonly known back problems occur due to poor core body strength. For example, if you sit on your office chair for hours you will end up with underdeveloped back muscles. Ideally the muscles should be tight and short. If your stomach muscles are tight and short and back muscles are long, the chances of ending up with a back problem will be considerately more.

Poor posture also causes structural changes in the size and shape of the muscles, discs and ligaments of the back. These structural changes may cause severe to mild pain.

Bad posture may be inherent, or it may be picked up as a habit. Some people have malformed hips where one hip is higher than the other; this causes imperfections in the walking biomechanics. When this happens, one side of the body becomes more developed to handle the strain.

When the dynamics of the body changes in this manner it changes the structure of the spinal cord too. The spinal cord becomes curved changing the alignment of the vertebral column. The vertebral column gets compressed, pushing the discs and nerve endings outwards. When this happens you feel pain which may be spasmodic or constant. The treatment depends on the intensity and type of pain.

What is the Body Champ IT8070 Inversion Therapy Table?

The Body Champ IT8070 Inversion Therapy Table counteracts the force of gravity on the body, especially, the vertebral column, by inverting the body for a few minutes. By doing so, the force of gravity pulls on the vertebral column, stretching and lengthening it successfully. By increasing the length of the vertebral column, the compressed discs and nerve endings are freed resulting in relieving your pain.

Who Can Use This Body Champ Inversion Table?

The Body Champ IT8070 Inversion Therapy Table can be used by anybody with a decent health record and body weight below 250lbs. It should not be used by people who have high blood pressure, suffer from heart, liver and kidney impairment, and have bone disorders like arthritis and osteoporosis. Since blood rushes to the brain during inversion, it is important to seek permission from your doctor if you have any eye related disorder.

What Makes The Body Champ IT8070 Different?

This inversion table by Body Champ is built for safety. It has a dual pin system that helps you find the right position, four safe and comfortable foam rollers, U shaped handrails, safety straps and a safety lock that keeps the system out of bounds of children.

How Do I Install?

Installing this Body Champ inversion table is very easy. It takes only a few minutes of your time and everything is easily explained on the assembly manual. Before you start unpacking, there a few things to remember that will make the installation a breeze. Here is the list of what you must do:

  • Take an inventory before you unpack
  • Find a hard, level place to install
  • Keep children and pets away
  • Replace frayed and damaged parts

Is It Easy to Use?

The Body Champ IT8070 Inversion Therapy Table is very easy to use. The Body Champ inversion therapy table features safety accessories and tools, which makes it very easy to handle. Using it is very easy. Just lie on the bed and raise your hands gently. As you raise your hands, the table will start tilting slowly until it is completely inverted. You can also stop inverting the moment you feel that your body is incapable of handling more

Safety Tips

Please observe the following safety measures before using the inversion table:

  • Consult your doctor before using the Body Champ inversion table.
  • Always wear proper gym clothes before using the equipment.
  • Do not operate this equipment if it is damaged in any way.
  • Always use this equipment on a clear and level surface.
  • Keep hands and feet away from any moving parts.
  • It is important to keep loose clothes, jewelry away from moving parts.
  • Stop exercising if you feel dizzy or lightheaded.
  • Keep children and pets away from the equipment while in use.
  • Only one person should use the equipment at a time.
  • Your equipment should be correctly assembled before you use it. Be sure all screws, nuts, and bolts are tightened prior to use.


  • Deluxe dual-pin adjustment system with height range of 4′ 7″ to 6′ 8″
  • Inversion therapy table for elongating spine and relaxing back muscles
  • Lower spring-loaded pull pin for fast ankle adjustments; 250-pound capacity
  • Safety strap lets you control inverting angles; safety lock keeps table secure
  • Folds up for easy storage and transport; U-shaped handrails


  • Dimensions when assembled: 55-1/2 by 29-1/2 by 57-7/8 inches (L x W x H)
  • Dimensions when folded: 13 by 29 by 75 inches (L x W x H)
  • You can adjust the unit within a height range of 4.7 inches to 6.8 inches
  • It features a pull-pin adjustment system
  • It comes with lower spring-loaded pull-pin especially designed for ankle adjustment
  • The four foam rollers act like a perfect cushion to your ankles
  • The incredible comfort is provided by high density foam cushions
  • You can rely on the U-shaped handrails for added security
  • It comes with a safety strap that allows you to handle the inverting angles
  • When you are not using the machine, you can keep it in place by using the safety lock
  • It folds perfectly into small places for easy storage
  • It comes with a user weight capacity of 250 pounds

Is This Body Champ IT8070 a Good Buy?

The Body Champ IT8070 is a great piece of equipment. It is easy to use, affordable and reliable. You need to use it for a few minutes every day to get a complete workout for your backbone. It straightens your backbone and also tones the muscles of your body. You can use it build your core body strength.

Getting used to inversion therapy takes time which is usual because the body is not used to being upside down. The trick is to take it gradually. Start with an inversion angle that you are comfortable with and then increase gradually.

Who Should Buy The Body Champ IT8070 Inversion Therapy Table?

You should buy this inversion table if you:

  • Are looking for a safe, reliable equipment
  • Don’t want to compromise when it comes to your safety
  • Want to get quick relief for your persistent back pain


The Body Champ IT8070 Inversion Therapy Table is reliable when it comes to inversion therapy. It is affordable and highly efficient. You can use it for treating back pains, tensional headaches and poor body posture. It is also useful for improving the flow of blood in the body, including the head. This reliable therapeutic equipment does not cost a lot and requires minimum maintenance.