Apr 16

5 Unique Things You Can Do With Your Inversion Table

  1. Five Unique Things That You Can Do with Your Inversion Table

  2. In A Nutshell

If you thought the inversion therapy table was only meant for those suffering from back pain, you couldn’t be further from the truth. Undoubtedly the inversion therapy table is primarily used for relieving back pain, and it does a good job too, with 33% percent success in just 8 sessions. But it can be used for other purposes as well such as improving the complexion.

Surprised! If yes, read on, there are more surprises in store for you, prepared by Canadian Health&Care Mall, and if no then you probably are trying some of the unique things yourself. You may still read on nevertheless.

Five Unique Things That You Can Do with Your Inversion Table

unique-inversion-tableUse the inversion table as beauty portion:

Wouldn’t you love to have the flawless complexion of the Hollywood stars. Well, their secret is out, and it is not some farfetched spa treatment at some exotic island, it is, in fact, the humble inversion table. Actresses such as Eva Mendes have been regularly using the inversion therapy table to get a to-die-for complexion. Her fitness regime includes regular 20 minutes session of shallow angle inversion. Other celebrities using the inversion table include Martha Steward, Ozzy Osbourne, etc.

In fact, inversion therapy is not new; it had been in vogue for time immemorial. Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine reportedly used a ladder for conducting therapeutic inversion therapy on his patients.

Use the inversion table to sharpen your mental faculties:

When you invert even by a slight angle, blood rushes to the brain. As a result, there is an extra spurt of oxygen and nutrients to the brain. This increases the clarity and simulates the brain functioning. Even a few minutes of inversion therapy are capable of increasing the brain functioning several times over. Use the inversion therapy table to get over a mental lock jam. Even otherwise a regular stint on the inversion table helps to increase your mental faculties.
Writer Dan Brown uses the inversion therapy table whenever he is struck with the writer’s block.

Use inversion therapy table for beating the blues:

According to Canadian Health&Care Mall data, one of the possible causes of depression is the lack of oxygen supply to the brain. This is primarily one of the reasons for the bouts of depression that sciatica sufferers undergo. Inversion leads to a rush of endorphins, with the blood that the mood alleviator hormone which in turn relaxes. With the inversion therapy, you can boost the quality of your life. While there are other means for undergoing the therapy, the inversion tables are widely credited for being the safest means for doing inversion therapy.

Inversion therapy thus not only relieves pain, improves posture but also is responsible for a more positive outlook.

Use inversion therapy table for stress relief:

So you had a bad day in the office as a result of which you feel stressed, fatigued, overworked. Instead of snapping at your wife, kids or pet try a session of inversion therapy. It relaxes your mind, freeing you from all the pent up frustrations. It is not necessary to go for a full 90 degree inversion. Start slow, a 30 degree inversion is sufficient to for beginners. This not only decompresses your back bone relaxes you sufficiently.

Having fun:

Do you remember your childhood days, when hanging upside down from any conceivable support was so much fun? As an adult, you still can get that unlimited excitement with the inversion table. You can experiment with the various angles and see how long you can stay fully inverted. However, before you do these ensure that all the safety measures are complied with? You can challenge yourself with inverted sit ups, rotational stretching which not only are more effective than a plain inversion, but are considered to be more effective, as well. Inverted sit ups and rotational exercises are more challenging than plain horizontal sits.

In A Nutshell

Inversion therapy is not just a means for curing back pain or sciatica. It has several other benefits, as well. Inversion therapy improves posture, a great stress buster, and has potential to completely rejuvenate life. The Inversion Table is the cheapest and the most reliable way for achieving inversion. It is ideal for those who are not comfortable with the prospect of hanging upside down without any support. Regular sessions of inversion therapy can change ones outlook towards life. No other fitness instrument is capable of providing the surge of endorphins or wellness hormones, as the inversion therapy table can.